Meet the newest recruits for Guide Dogs for the Blind!

Did you know that, every hour, someone in the UK goes blind?

Guide Dogs for the Blind trains and places pups to be guide dogs for the visually impaired. It costs £32,400 to train a guide dog, from the first two years – from birth to graduation. It costs a further £12,800 to support the working partnership for the next seven years, after which time the pup will retire and spend his or her golden years as a pet.

Sponsor a puppy from just £1 a week, and Guide Dogs will send you regular Pupdates, so you can follow your puppy’s journey to becoming a life-changing companion for a blind or partially sighted person.  You would also receive a photo album and photos of your pup, a personalized certificate, and a calendar at the end of each year.

I bet you’d even get adorable videos like this: