Deaf Girl Finds Soulmate In Deaf Puppy

Most of the time, I can’t get my dog to pay attention unless I’m holding a cheese cube.

However, 10 year old Julia taught her puppy sign language.

Walter and Julia now speak the same language.
Best friends Walter and Julia

When Julia’s mom Chrissy met Walter, a deaf puppy who was abandoned at just six weeks old, she knew that he was destined to be part of their family.

As you may guess, the first step in teaching your dog sign language is getting him or her to make and sustain eye contact with you. This article from Deaf Dogs Rock explains that it isn’t much more difficult than teaching regular commands to a hearing pup and outlines how to do it.

Thank you, AJ+, for making my eyes as wet as the water in Walter’s Bowl.

http://Swoon-worthy video of these two soulmates sharing their common language.